Troubled Trumpets

Posted on August 12, 2022 by The Corporate Clash Crew

Good morrow vassals of Lord Doggenbottom!

Behold this that trumpet blare, that bonfire lit amongst the pyre, yay know now and hereafter the call of that and this scribe and herald for all thee and this town! For on this morning, in the heart hall of this castle hath been born a proclamation for all the town, to be shouted from the hills and high places, until all ears, pointed and round, receive the message therein. 

Thus doth the message declareth: “A great vision hath been bestowed, a vision warning of that which is to come. Behold, it shall come to pass many a change upon these lands, yay and the elders of this land have heard your many pleas. Yay, mine own hearts root aches and withers to hear such desperations from wrought by the plague of the foul invaders renting asunder the great forests and farms of this land. On this day shall be granted unto thee an aid, yay we grant unto thee that thou shalt receive unto thy home an ally, a Toon on a quest to redeem these lands, shall you heed us warning, this Toon will enter into thine home and shops, and lend thee aid in thine doings. 

We have heard of great need for change, and many a new requests, challenges, tests. The gesceaft of these problems was sudden, a call that we ourselves were not prepared to answereth. Yay, let it be known these the fair Toons of Ye Olde Toontowne have new quests for the Toon traveling through these lands for the first time, these quests shall replace thine challenges of old. Yay, and this very day shall a change be brought about, and the strings that bind these quests together have received makechanges, that all the world may receive an convenience.

Yay, and in addition to these things we have seen deep into the hearth of the green-worn menaces of our streets, and we see that their master has brought change, changes that may very well be to our advantage if we can acquire it. Yay, and we now declare that the “C.F.O” of the Cog menace has received minor changes in plenty.

From beyond these visions we have also seen changes to the scrolls. Yay and the covers that bind these scrolls thereof have received many a new face, but not that which doth deceive but that a new face of new life. Yay all these catalogs have received improved covers and bindings of fine craftsmanship. From this day and henceforth and always, the scrolls inscribed and sent to each toon have new covers.

In addition to this, to our ears hath been given whispers of great puzzles and intrigue that plague this great city, yay and the visions only confirm these. We fear that this may only be the beginning. 

Be wary Toons, and guard thine towers by night.”

Thus doth it be declared! With this thine ears you have heard, and ought not thee to forget! Thus ends the announcement, brought to pass by Troubadour’s Tall Tales, the courier spreading truth across thine land thereof. Please ought not thee to forgeteth therefore to pay thine dues of 5 pieces of barley and 2 marks of wheat, and subscribe to this our newsletter for further callings.

You can read the full Patch Notes HERE

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