v1.0.10 BETA


  • The plane has finished being built, go and see Professor Loosescrew for a chance to ride the plane to the Sky Clan!

  • It's April Toons in Toontown!

    • Both the Halloween and Winter events are available to play!
      • The Toonseltown minigame will run every 20 minutes!
      • The Toons of Toonseltown have opened up shop for April Toons. Go and see them if you didn't get a chance during the Winter event.
    • Melancholic toons have shuffled their way into Toontown!
      • Melancholic type toons only have one laff point, so play carefully!


  • Limited time quests now show their expiry date.


  • Edited the position of the teleport buttons in the Shticker book.