v1.0.11 BETA


  • Gag presets
    • The Gag Shop has spruced up their systems, and can now remember your gag presets!
    • Toons can now save one Gag Preset at The Gag Shop.
    • Gag Presets costs the same as buying each gag individually.
  • Refund Points
    • Toons can now return a Gag Track to the Gag Shop in exchange for a Refund Point!
    • Returning a Gag Track will remove the Gag Track and any experience gained in that Gag Track.
    • Toons in Drowsy Dreamland can complete a brand new sidequest to earn their first Refund Point!
    • Refund Points can only be used once a track has no prestiges.
  • Gag Training Page
    • The Gag Training page has received a fresh coat of paint!
    • The page has been updated to become more user friendly.
    • Added support for Refund Points
  • District Page
    • Toons will no longer teleport to a district when clicking on a district
    • Invasion cog and estimated duration can now be seen from the district page
    • General page cleanup


  • The credits have been updated to reflect the current staff on the team
  • Changed how minutes are displayed when a Toon is offline on the TAP.
  • Updated the sort order of various GUI elements.
  • Lowered the wind sound effect heard in certain playgrounds.
  • The Tesla gag has been buffed to 66 damage!
  • Zap now has 100% accuracy on soaked cogs.
  • Reworked purchasing logic.
    • Purchases that use the Bank will now take from the Bank first.
      • This was a community feedback suggestion by @Dalton and @Klungo on our Discord!


  • The Toons over at The Gag Shop have been working on Zap Gags!
    • Fixed issues with Zap on lured cogs.
    • Fixed Phantom soaks/Phantom Zaps
    • Dead cogs can no longer be hit by zap jumps or soaks
    • Multiple other Zap fixes
      • If you experience any unexpected issues with Zap, please report them to us!
  • Camera Changes
    • Fixed an issue with the camera getting stuck in the floor including:
      • After skipping a Toon Victory Dance (Street Battles)
      • Finishing the CGC Mole game
      • Finishing the CGC Golf Game
      • During the CEO fight.
  • Fixed the "table glitch" in the CEO fight.
    • We're still monitoring this issue, let us know if you run into any other problems!
  • Toons that are saved during a battle with a unite no longer lose gag experience.
    • The "Defeated Movie" will still play, however experience isn't lost!
  • Fixed a bug where the other clothing item (shirt/shorts/skirt) would reset after changing the other item.
  • Fixed a bug where the players Toon location would show instead of the friends location on the TAP.

Releases also available on GitHub.