v1.0.15 BETA

Operation: Break the Law Phase Two

  • The Resistance has set up a new outpost inside of Lawbot Headquarters! Check it out inside of the Chief Justice's statue!
  • Lawbot HQ has been further 'redesigned' in preparation for phase two.
  • Reid Stock has relocated her shop to the new outpost, partnered by Vinny to help manage gag and laff barrels inside the HQ.
    • Talk to Vinny To upgrade the barrels with Dockets for toons everywhere!
    • Gag barrels can have their gag level and gag restock amount upgraded.
    • Laff barrels can have their heal amount upgraded.

Docket Shop

  • Added new accessories to the Docket shop, stop by to check them out!
  • Toons can now buy suit parts and Subpoenas from the Docket shop, save a couple trips to the DA Office and buy some!

Daily Tasks

  • Toons will now receive daily tasks from The Resistance, check out the new tab on the tasks page in the Shticker Book!
    • Daily tasks are scaled to your toon level and progress, providing balanced objectives for any toon!
    • Rewards given for these tasks are also based on your toon's progress, no useless rewards!
      • For example, if all of your toon's gags are maxed, you will not receive gag experience boosts.
    • Get a week streak in daily tasks for an extra reward!
    • Weekly rewards can range from exclusive accessories and clothing, to extended rewards!

Limited Time Quests

  • Rocky would like to introduce The Resistance's Daily Tasks System to toons directly, be sure to stop by and check it out!
  • Rocky's fellow Resistance Ranger, Scout, has an idea to gather more intel on the Lawbots; meet up with Rocky for mission briefing.

Discord Rich Presence

  • Discord Rich Presence is back and better than ever!
  • If you wish to turn it off, navigate to the 'Gameplay' tab in your shtickerbook.


  • Toons will now receive a bean gain animation when completing cog battles and buildings.
  • Dockets now have a special gain animation when you earn them!
  • Added some words to the whitelist.
  • Fixed an issue where custom controls would get softlocked upon interacting with the friend’s list search bar.
  • Fixed various accessory placements on multiple species.