1.0.16 BETA

Operation: Break the Law Phase Three

  • Rocky has recruited some new faces to The Toon Resistance for Phase Three of Operation: Break The Law!
    • Cannoli is now stationed in Lawbot HQ. She’s one of the best special agents in Toontown!
    • Tutorial Tom has come out of retirement and taken on a new name for his position. Everyone, welcome Ticket Tom!
  • Summon Boosters have been added to the Toon Resistance Outpost Docket Shop!
    • Summon Boosters can be purchased in packs of one, three, or five.
    • Summon Boosters are redeemed at the end of every successful Witness Stand-In run and double the amount of summons earned!
  • Gag and Toon-Up barrels have been tweaked!
    • Due to community feedback regarding the barrels and lack of substantial use, Vinny has closed down his upgrade shop.
    • Toon-Up and Gag barrels will be near their final values from before the launch of Phase Three.
    • Vinny has opened up a new shop for business, trade five Dockets for any Throw gag to toss around and make a mess of Lawbot HQ!
  • Reid has made changes to the economy of her Gag Stand!
    • All gags in Lawbot HQ will now have to be purchased with Dockets.
    • Reid has made a large cut in her prices, gags are available at only one Docket each! Get even bigger discounts buying in bulk via gag presets!
  • Phase Three begins with three starting tasks. All Toons report to Rocky for mission briefing!
  • Break The Law’s music has been overhauled!
    • Many existing Break the Law tracks have been remixed!
    • New soundtracks exclusive to The Witness Stand-In battle!
    • Experience a blast from the past with Ticket Tom by standing close to him!
  • Phase Three-specific Speedchat phrases are now available.

Prize Pack Raffle

  • The Toon Resistance is hosting a raffle to encourage all Toons to get involved in Phase Three!
  • Earn special Toon Resistance raffle tickets to submit entries for chances to win an official limited-edition Toontown: Corporate Clash physical prize pack!
  • Raffle tickets can be earned via the following methods:
    • A successful DA Office run yields a slight chance of dropping raffle tickets.
    • Defeating The Witness Stand-In yields a high chance of dropping raffle tickets.
    • Purchasing packs of tickets from the Toon Resistance Outpost Docket Shop!
      • You can purchase tickets in quantities of one, three, or five.
      • Purchasing tickets increases the prices by a certain Docket count, based on which pack is purchased.
    • To redeem your raffle tickets for actual prize pack entries, talk to Ticket Tom in the Lawbot HQ Outpost!
      • Ticket Tom allows Toons to submit their tickets in three intervals: One ticket, half of a Toon’s tickets, all of a Toon’s tickets.
    • Once a week, Toontown: Corporate Clash will go down for a short time to draw three winners from Tutorial Tom’s ticketed submissions.
      • Once all three winners are drawn, all submissions to Ticket Tom will be dropped for a clean slate in the next week’s raffle!
      • However, any tickets still owned by Toons personally will be kept in case they want to save some for the next week’s raffle!
      • At the end of each week, winners will be notified via email if they’ve won!

Lawbot Witness Stand-In

  • The Toon Resistance has infiltrated deep into Lawbot Headquarters and intercepted the Stand-In’s jury notices, so Cogs won’t try to take seats during the cannon round!
  • The length of the cannon round has been decreased to 25 seconds.
  • The Toon Resistance is ready to fight alongside you! They’ve taken over the cannon round, to settle the score personally with The Witness Stand-In!

Department Experience

  • Department experience values have been tweaked based on community feedback in order to encourage more equivalent experience gains between all bosses.

Daily Tasks

  • Toons no longer lose their streak if they fail to complete their Daily Task!
    • Due to the removal of the streak decay, The Toon Resistance has provided a reroll system for toons to change their weekly reward!
      • It costs 5,000 jellybeans for Toons to re-roll a weekly reward.
      • Be careful though, re-rolling weekly rewards still resets your streak progress!
  • Rewards given from Daily Tasks have been changed!
    • Cattlelog Clearance has been removed from the Daily Tasks prize pool.
      • In its place, Department Experience Boost and Jellybean Income Boost have been implemented!
      • Department Experience Boost increases all department experience gains by 25%!
      • Jellybean Income Boost increases all jellybean earnings by 25%!
    • The amount of Racing Tickets and Dockets earned from Daily Tasks have been slightly nerfed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Racing Tickets logo wouldn’t show if Racing Tickets were the weekly reward.
  • Fixed an issue with Daily Tasks where times would display wrong due to differing time zones.
  • Possible fix for the issues caused by Daylight Savings Time.
  • Added more items to the weekly prize pool.


  • Due to community feedback, The Docket to Halloween Material conversion system is back! Check out the Shkraftbooking page in your Shtickerbook and stock up on materials for when Elphabat returns!
  • The Toon Resistance Outpost Docket Shop now gives more logical notifications for purchasing different items from the shop.
  • The Witness Stand-In now shows the proper name in the chatlog.
  • The jellybean gain animation from defeating cogs now uses the high-quality jar!
  • The ‘Times Gone Sad’ stat now properly counts up on every occasion!
  • The Ye Olde Toontowne dungeon sigilvator circles no longer pull all toons in the area towards them when someone boards!