v1.0.8 BETA


  • Added Music to the estate interior.
  • Added a Deposit/Withdraw All button to the bank.
  • Added Gifting to the Catalog.


  • Added Keybind options for Zero Toss Pies & Boss stats toggle.


  • Added Team logos to Toons Avatar panel.

Main Menu

  • Moved location of certain buttons.
  • Updated the name accepted screen.


  • Clothing shops are now open!
    • Any outfit costs 250 Jellybeans to purchase.
    • Added Bean bank & Outfit cost to the GUI.
    • Removed Clothing Tickets.


  • Added a Cooldown timer to the CJ.
  • Tweaked the location of the Boss Health Bar.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would spawn in the floor, on round three of the CJ fight.
  • Added Toggle-able boss statistics that can be viewed in the final round of each boss. Press F1 to view/hide the stats.
  • Tweaked the CFO Side Crane Mechanics.
    • Any goons thrown from a side crane will stun the CFO if the hit has a high impact! However, in order to pay the price for such power, they now enable goons instead of disable them.

SOS Cards

  • Lure SOS have been rebalanced:
    • Lil Oldman 5 stars (Presentation, 6 rounds)
    • Nancy Gas 4 stars (Hypno Goggles, 5 rounds)
    • Stinky Ned 3 stars (Big Magnet, 4 rounds)


  • Club EXP Rewards obtained from facilities, bosses, and buildings have been rebalanced.
  • Maximum Club Capacity has been increased to 100!


  • Added in codes for quest items.
  • Fixed a crash with codes.