v1.0.8.5 BETA


  • Halloween has come to Toontown!:
    • Added a new limited time quest into Toontown Central
    • Added a new instance in Toontown Central
    • Added Shkraftbooking
      • Collect materials from fishing or defeating the limited time Halloween instance!
      • Visit the Witch in the Ye Olde Toontown dungeon to purchase limited time items using materials.
    • Added a bunch of new outfits and accessories, with more coming during the event.
    • Bloodsucker Skelecogs are invading Toontown! ToonHQ has manged to secure some safe districts during this spooky time.
    • Trick or treating has returned to Toontown, see the blog for more information.


  • Added a toggle to disable Speedchat Plus.
  • Added a toggle to disable Clubs chat.
  • Added the ability to delete SOS cards.
  • Added some new toon speech sounds.


  • Changed the starting music volume to 50% when first opening the game.


  • Fixed various issues. Please contact support if you encounter any!

Patch 1


  • When using an SOS call, the type of SOS call is now shown.
  • Materials can now be earned by defeating cogs.


  • Rebalanced the number of materials received from fishing and the limited time instance.


  • Fixed a bug where Female toons would receive the wrong shorts from the Halloween limited time quest.
    • Toons who have received the wrong shorts will be sent the correct pair.