v1.0.8.7 BETA


  • Turkey Toons are available for Thanksgiving only in Make-A-Toon, go make one!
    • Turkey toons will only be available in the Make-A-Toon from Midnight until 11:59PM on Thursday the 22nd November.
  • Black Friday means big sales, which means a Sellbot Mega Invasion! Go help save Toontown from the Sellbot Menace!


  • Made a slight improvement to street loading, players should see a small bump in peformance on streets.
  • Toons now load from preloaded cache.


  • Fix the infamous missing texture bug.
  • Fix the cog levels in VP/CFO.
  • Fix a crash associated with deleting Resistance Ranger Rain's SOS.
  • Fix a crash related to CFO cutscenes.
  • Flippy has just discovered that it is, in fact, no longer Halloween, and as such, he has changed into his normal clothes.
  • Fix dialog sounds for the Chairman and other Boss Cogs.

Potential Bugfixes:

  • Potentially fixed a bug that resulted in users crashing out of Cog Golf Courses.