v1.0.9 BETA

Toon Profile Panel

  • The T.P.P. has been completely overhauled!
    • Toons can now earn and display backgrounds and nameplates on their T.P.P.
    • Toontask and Cog disguise statuses are now displayed in the T.P.P.
    • Added more in depth information regarding a Toon when they're online.

Items Page

  • The Items page has been completely overhauled as well!
    • Players can now switch between their backgrounds, nameplates, speedchat colors and clothing on the items page from anywhere in Toontown.


  • Added a search bar to the friends list.
  • Players can now choose the texture quality, especially useful for lower end computers.
  • Added Silly Saturday.
    • Every Saturday, the events throughout the week will cycle on a bi-hourly basis!
  • Added Surplus Sunday.
    • Every Sunday, Cog Boss rewards will be increased by 1, with the exception of the C.E.O., which receives a +2 fire bonus.
  • Added three new sidequests
  • Added "Skip Tutorial" button.
    • You must have a Toon on the account before you can skip the Tutorial.
  • Increased the Speedchat+ box size allowing longer messages.
  • Added Sprint/walk keys.
    • Press "Shift" to sprint, and "F6" to walk!
      • These keys can be rebinded in the controls menu.
  • Added a new emote to the cattlelog, Taunt!


  • Disable the "Nearby Pets" tab on the friends list when not in the estate.
  • The Shtickerbook has been consolidated a bit.
    • Moved the code redemption page to the items page
    • Moved the Gag training page to the Gags page
  • Edited the Tutorial to reflect the Shtickerbook changes.
  • Disabled the Shkraftbooking page
    • This page will be reimplemented once all of the Shkraftbooking systems are ready, or whenever we have an event that uses materials.
  • Changed FPS meter styling to a look a little more toony.
  • Lowered friend limit to 100 toons
    • Toons with over 100 friends will not lose their friends.
  • Acorn Avenue has been enveloped into the waterfall.
    • The design of the street now reflects the cavernous interior of Acorn Falls.
  • Minigolf completion and miss sounds now include some of the new species sounds.

Quality of Life

  • Rearranged some settings
  • Removed camera collisions on C.F.O. objects.
    • This is especially useful for Toons that are stunning Goons. Their camera will no longer adjust against them!
  • Boss cog jumps now play at a consistent volume.
  • Changed the time limit of the diving game to 75 instead of 60 seconds.


  • Implemented a potential fix for memory leaks


  • Fixed and reimplemented the experimental multithreaded graphics option.
    • This may net an increase in FPS for some computers, though it will result in a few graphical glitches.


  • Fixed levels in certain V.P./C.F.O. difficulty tiers
  • Players can no longer chose a resolution higher than their monitors resolution.
  • Fixed the scaling of the Sellbot HQ tunnel's sign leading to Daffodil Gardens.
  • Various Toontask fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where Toons could pick up treasures when they have completed a treasure quest.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the items page after receiving a nametag.
  • Fixed a bug where Toons couldn't open/close the book after the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where Toontask Speedchat phrases didn't display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Toons couldn't delete friends.
    • I guess this update isn't so friendly after all, eh?
  • Boss Cogs and Doodles now respect frame blending.
  • Fixed double Lure EXP bug.
  • Fixed some collision issues with the Ye Olde Toontowne gag shop.
  • Fixed some collision issues with the Ye Olde Toontowne dungeon door.
  • Fixed a white haloing effect around Toon eyes.
  • Fixed the street names on some of the advertisement billboards.
  • Fixed a district reset.
  • Fixed an issue where CGC and DA Office models would not unload