Beta v1.1.1

Count Erclaim

  • Count Erclaim is back to haunt Toontown once again!
    • Find his newly relocated abode on Polar Place in The Brrrgh to take him down!
    • Count Erclaim has been given special permission as a contractor to C.O.G.S. Inc. and now has several special abilities and attributes that he can utilize in a brand new miniboss battle.
  • The Count Erclaim battle features two new music tracks.
    • The old tracks from previous years remain on the first floor of the instance.
  • Tiers in the Count Erclaim battle are now based on the average Toon Level of the group.
  • Count Erclaim now awards Toons with Cog Summons as well as materials.
    • Toons have a chance to receive Cog Summons for Operations Analyst and Field Specialist Cogs.
    • Boss Reward Daily boosters and the Surplus Sunday weekly holiday now apply to the Count Erclaim battle, giving bonus materials and Cog Summons.


  • The Toon Platoon has been updated to the new Top Toons system!
  • The new Leaderboards are now counted globally, instead of per-district.
  • The Leaderboards refresh every 5 minutes. However, there may be some extra delay due to how scores are calculated.
    • For example, if you complete a Count Erclaim battle and earn points before midnight, it will still be included in that time period even if you do not see the refreshed data immediately.
  • There are three time periods per category:
    • Monthly: These reset on the last day of the month at 11:59 PM.
      • Being on this board gives you a Gold Badge!
    • Weekly: These reset on Sunday at 11:59 PM
      • Being on this board gives you a Silver Badge!
    • Daily: These reset every day at 11:59 PM
      • Being on this board gives you a Bronze Badge!
  • There are two categories introduced at launch:
    • Count Erclaim:
      • Points are earned based on Tier.
        • Tiers 1-2 gives 1 point.
        • Tiers 3-4 gives 2 points.
        • Tiers 5-6 gives 3 points.
    • Building Floors:
      • Points are given based on the total number of floors.
  • When the Leaderboard resets, toons who were on it at the end of that time period will retain their badge for the next time period.
    • For example: If you were on the Monthly leaderboard for Floors at the end of October, you would retain the Gold Badge for the entirety of November as well.
  • You can only be listed in a Category once.
    • For example: If you are on the Monthly Leaderboard for Building Floors, you will not appear on the Weekly or Daily Leaderboard for the Building Floors category.
    • Another Example: If you are on the Weekly Leaderboard for Count Erclaim, you will not appear on the Daily Leaderboard for the Count Erclaim category.
  • Badges are currently prioritized for display as follows: Count Erclaim, Building Floors.
    • In the future, you will have the option to choose which badge displays if you currently have multiple when new categories are introduced.


  • To encourage players to get familiar with the new Leaderboards, we’d like to additionally announce we’ll be holding a new in-game contest with PHYSICAL REWARDS!
  • Starting the moment the Halloween 2020 Update goes live until October 31st @ 11:59 PM ET, we’ll be tallying the Top Toons from a few different categories, which are as follows:
    • The Top 10 Toons who have earned the most Count Erclaim points (based on tier of the fight).
    • The Top 10 Toons who have defeated the most amount of Cog Building Floors
    • 5 winners randomly chosen from the official Corporate Clash Discord Server
  • Each winner may only win once. If you win multiple times, we will pick the next eligible winner on the list. For example, if you win on the Count Erclaim board and win on the Cog Building Floors board, we will choose the 11th place Toon on the Cog Building Floors board.
  • In-game winners will receive an email with further information for claiming their prizes. Winners from the Discord giveaway will receive a DM with further information on claiming their prizes. If we do not receive a reply from a winner, we will choose the next winner on the leaderboards or reroll for another winner on the Discord Giveaway bot.
  • Now, let’s talk prizes! We’ll share further details about the specifics in the near future, but each winner will win one of each of the following:
    • A Corporate Clash logo holographic sticker
    • A ‘Chup acrylic pin (Count Erclaim’s favorite!)

Daniel Ghastly

  • Daniel Ghastly has two new Halloween-centric ToonTasks for you to complete. Find him in The Brrrgh playground!
    • The first of the ToonTasks is a bit easier for all Toons to get involved with the event!
    • The second ToonTask takes a bit of a more challenging turn. It may scare some Toons off!


  • Trick-or-Treating is back! Visit the correct shop in each playground for the new ‘Pumpkin Behind the Carving’ cheesy effect!
    • Check out any of our social media platforms for the riddles!


  • The Shkrafting page is back!
  • Materials can be shkrafted on the Shkrafting page of your Shtickerbook at the cost of 350 Jellybeans per 5 materials.


  • Elphabat is once again selling Halloween items, taking up shop in The Brrrgh playground.
  • There are several new items available for purchase.
    • A new set of Halloween accessories.
    • Daily boosters in two-hour and six-hour variants.
    • An exclusive profile background, pose, and several nameplates.
    • Various items from previous Halloween events that were not included in the Halloween Shop prior.
  • Elphabat’s shop now has a page selector. Click on the page number to easily visit any page you wish!
  • You can now press the Escape key to exit the Shop GUI quickly.


  • Toontown has gotten a spooky makeover for Halloween!
  • Shopkeeper Toons wear various Halloween hats to get into the spirit of the holiday.
  • Material catches during fishing have been re-enabled.
  • Updated the Halloween Speedchat phrases to reflect the changes for this year’s event.
  • Updated in-game credits with new additions to the team.
  • Added new cutscene, battle, and victory themes for the Derrickman miniboss battle.
  • Toons who have been offline for 6 months or more will have a red-colored name on your Friends List.
  • Turning off SpeedChat Plus in-game has been moved to the website under the Account tab. This change makes the setting persistent on the account instead of just a local setting.
    • Changing the setting will require a relaunch of your game to take effect.
  • You can now see if a Toon has SpeedChat Plus enabled or disabled in their Toon Panel Info tab.


  • Fixed a very persistent long-standing issue that would cause "Ghost Toons" to stick around on your screen and never leave you alone.
  • Potentially fixed a rare issue that would cause “Ghost Cogs” to stick around in battle with 0 HP and never leave.
  • Ghost Toons and Cogs were too spooky for Halloween!
  • Trolley Tracks on Silly Saturday now start players out with the correct amount of votes.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes overwrite existing Daily boosters when gaining new ones.
  • Fixed a few visual inconsistencies with varying amounts of Daily boosters on the Daily Task page.
  • Rewrote how Toon Defeat movies are constructed, fixing the following issues:
    • Cog attacks following a Toon going sad being skipped.
    • Camera movement following a Toon going sad not functioning.
    • If a Toon is saved from defeat by a Unite, different text will display that they were saved.
    • If multiple Toons are defeated or saved by a Unite during the same attack, all names of Toons will show at the same time.
  • Fixed the material icon not properly hiding during fishing when catching certain types of non-fish items.
  • Fixed an inconsistency where the Mezzo Melodyland Playground would not use the correct spooky sky during Halloween.
  • Fishing rod on the Items page now hides correctly when switching tabs.
  • Fixed a rare district reset involving Toon-Up gags.
  • Fixed a district reset involving Estates.
  • Minor text fixes.