Beta v1.1.4


  • Turkey Toons have returned from Gobbleburg!
    • You can either create Turkey Toons from the Create-A-Toon or redraw an existing Toon into a Turkey Toon at the Restoration Station in Toontown Central!
  • With the migration of Turkey Toons to Toontown, Turnkey makes his visit to town to see the wonders of Thanksgiving!
    • He has a ToonTask ready for anyone who’s willing to help prepare a feast! He’ll give out a hat and a backpack as rewards!
  • Turnkey’s feast preparations as well as Turkey Toon creation will last through the 29th of November.

Content Pack Music Manager (BETA)

  • ALL music in the game has been converted to a json-based load system!
    • This will give content pack creators a ton of freedom with their music needs!
      • Content pack creators can access this system by creating a "music.json" file in the audio folder of their content pack. (Contentpack/audio. NOT in a phase folder within the content pack, but instead at the root. You can reference music.json in phase_3_audio/audio of the download files.)
      • Custom music can be loaded that is not originally present in the base game. Just leave the music within the same folder as music.json in your content pack, and you can reference it that way.
      • Only music that is changed should be overridden to allow for maximum compatibility with other packs.
      • Music can also be picked from at random from a list of provided choices, just include the music filepaths in list format! (Square brackets, such as ["audio/testSong1.ogg", "audio/testSong2.ogg"])
    • Instances in which music is repeated (such as between streets, building interiors, cutscenes, etc.) are completely separated from each other.
      • For instance, the battle music on Wacky Way could be entirely different from the battle music on Loopy Lane!
    • Songs can also be defined per holiday, allowing for content pack creators to have festive tracks swap out whenever a holiday begins in Toontown!

Drop Gags

  • Drop Gags have gotten a new prestige effect!
    • Drop Gags receive +5% bonus combo damage per prestiged Drop Gag used. For example, if four prestiged Drop Gags are used in a turn, they will deal 70% combo damage.
    • Prestige Drop’s 20% accuracy bonus has been decreased to a 10% accuracy bonus.
  • Heavy Drop Gags (Level 5 and above) now have a new quick death animation if they destroy a Cog!
  • The Safe and Big Weight Gags now have a square drop shadow in place of a circular one.


  • If a Toon doesn’t pick a Gag in battle for two turns or more (usually because they are AFK), they will force pass and be given a notification every turn until they return.
    • From the notification, a Toon can either return to the battle or flee to the playground.
    • If a Toon is in an area that doesn’t allow them to flee, they cannot flee to the playground through the AFK notification.
  • When clicking on a Toon name tag, if their friend panel is already open, a new one will not be opened.
  • During the rewards panel at the end of a battle, Toons can now press their Advance Dialogue hotkey (default F5) to skip the panel.
  • The number of Cogs in the Derrickman miniboss battle will now scale depending on the number of Toons present.
    • This tweak should make it much easier for lower Toons trying to complete the Toontown Central taskline!
  • Many chat Whitelist/Blacklist additions.


  • Fixed a long-standing issue that would cause nametags and chat bubbles to sometimes be unclickable after updating your display options.
  • Fixed a crash relating to Doodle phrases in battle.
  • Fixed some cleanup issues with Toon attack panels in battle.
  • If the server restarts or a District resets in the middle of Silly Saturday, the proper holiday in the rotation will now be started back up instead of starting from the beginning of the rotation.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting gags in your Shtickerbook that would sometimes cause them to not update properly.
  • Fix a rare crash with the Sellbot V.P.
  • Fixed a few visual issues that could occur when overkilling v2.0 Cogs.
  • Fixed a crash related to invalid SpeedChat phrases on some Toons.
  • Fixed an issue with Daily Tasks where you could roll the same Daily Booster reward multiple times in a row.
  • Fixed a minor graphical bug with Drowsy Dreamland's clouds.
  • Fixed a bug where some music would not speed up properly with the sprint music pitch shift option.
  • Fixed a bug where music would play 2x over in the Sellbot Factory.
  • Fixed various other music bugs when leaving facilities.
  • Minor text fixes.