Beta v1.2.7.6 (16th May, 2022)


  • New Cog Building music has been introduced for Bossbots!
    • Enjoy unique battle themes from floors one through five, a unique final round theme, an extended grace period theme, and some snazzy elevator tunes!


  • Music and sound volume now accounts for exponential falloff.
    • You can now enjoy Corporate Clash at reasonable volume settings, instead of 20-30% volume at all times!
    • Your game will likely be quieter as a result of this -- make sure to adjust your settings accordingly.
  • Casting or earning jellybeans while fishing will now smoothly update the number of jellybeans in the jar.
  • Updated some Minibosses' responses when a Toon tries to befriend them to include their names.
  • General server stability improvements.
  • Added a few new SpeedChat phrases purchasable from your Catalog!


  • Fixed an issue where the Toon HQ Leaderboard would continue to show Count Erfit defeats (sorry, he's gotta go)
  • Fixed a rare district reset related to the Diving Game.
  • Fixed a district reset related to fishing.
  • Minor text fixes.

Beta v1.2.7.6 (Hotfix 19th May, 2022)


  • Fixed a client crash related to Doodles.
  • General server stability improvements.