Beta v1.2.7.8 (13th June, 2022)


  • New Cog Building music has been introduced for Cashbots!
    • Enjoy unique battle themes from floors one through five, a unique final round theme, an extended grace period theme, and some snazzy elevator tunes!


  • Extended the Acorn Acres interior music.
  • Added new SpeedChat phrases for pronouns and prestige Gags.
  • Rebalanced the Fishing EXP formula to give a more balanced distribution of EXP through different rarities.
  • For Content Pack Creators: The textures for Toon Heads and battle stun/sue particles have been repalletized. Check out more information about this here: []
  • Minor shading and seam adjustments have been made to several outfits.
  • Players no longer need to restart their game when changing texture quality, anisotropic filtering, or anti-aliasing graphical settings.
  • The "lowest" texture quality setting now renders textures slightly less poorly.
  • Cashbot HQ has received a performance boost!


  • Fixed an issue where Toons could get softlocked trying to enter an elevator.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing could sometimes roll rarities above the highest possible for fish.
  • Fixed an issue where suit voices were sometimes being cut off early.
  • Fixed a minor clipping issue with suit movements in Cashbot HQ.
  • Fixed a graphical issue related to several winter accessories showing unwanted white lines.
  • Fixed a long-standing graphical issue related to the stun/sue visual effect on virtual Skelecogs.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFX volume wouldn't set properly upon login.
  • Minor text fixes.

Beta v1.2.7.8 (Hotfix 14th June, 2022)


  • Fixed a visual issue with the Red Nose effect on deer.
  • Fixed a visual issue with dog muzzles during certain animations.