Announcing the Commercial Use Guidelines Consultation

Posted on December 05, 2023 by The Corporate Clash Crew

Corporate Clash has been growing every year, and so has our community. Many of our players create fantastic characters, stories, and artwork and we love seeing fans show their love for our game in their work. In order to provide clarity on what is and isn't allowed for community members looking to produce fan-made content, we are proposing a set of Commercial Use Guidelines, which covers rules related to both commercial and non-commercial usages.

You can give it a full read HERE.

A short summary of the policy:

For Non-Commercial Use (i.e. you don't make money), we allow redistribution (e.g. rehosting our audio on YouTube) and derivative work (e.g. your own art and fanfiction), as long as proper credit is given. We especially welcome the use of our branding/assets to support fundraising efforts for a registered charity.

For Commercial Use (i.e. you make money) we do not support any monetization of Corporate Clash content if it is not sufficiently transformative. An example of this would be selling shirts of the Duck Shuffler as he appears in-game; this would not be allowed by our policy. However, if you were to draw artwork of Duck Shuffler and sell shirts of the artwork, that would be allowed since it is considered transformative.

We would like to collect feedback from the wider community before putting it into effect, which is set to be 1st January, 2024. You are welcome to join in on the discussion on our official Discord Server, or send in your feedback to While we can't reply to every single email, we do read them all!

We want to thank everybody who has produced fanwork over the years; without your love and support, Corporate Clash would not be the same.



1. What is the Commercial Use Guidelines?

 The Commercial Use Guidelines is a set of rules set out by Corporate Clash, regarding what is allowed and not allowed when using Corporate Clash's branding and in-game assets.

2. What does the Commercial Use Guidelines cover?

The guideline only covers original work from the Corporate Clash Crew. We have compiled a list of characters and locations that are original to Corporate Clash for your reference, which can be found in the appendix of the guidelines. 

3. Why are you introducing these Guidelines now?

Over the years, we have seen the community being confused over the stance of Corporate Clash on using our content for commercial purposes. With the release of the Hires and Heroes update, the community has become more interested in our original characters, and the chance for confusion grew. The Guidelines are intended to provide clarity and reassurance to content creators and the wider community.

4. I am a content creator / archivist. Are there any changes I need to make to my content?

Most cases, no. The guidelines have been written so that most existing use cases of our content outside of the game have been covered and allowed. Please however read through the Guidelines to confirm.

5. I want to use Corporate Clash stickers on my messaging apps. Is this allowed?

Yes, as long as you do not make money off doing so. We also have stickers uploaded on major messaging apps if you want to use them!

5. I want to put Corporate Clash's characters on my favorite game's marketplace for other players to use for free, but the game itself is a paid game. Am I OK to do it?

Yes. Since it is not our characters that is requiring payment, only the base game, this is allowed under the Guidelines.