The Sudden Boardbot Bash!

Posted on by Winn Dos


W-woah! Okay! This should be working, that's cool! Hello, h-hi, this is Winn Dos speaking... Oh wow, I've always wanted to do this.

Toons of Toontown! Since you all have last h-heard of the amazing Intelligence Master of the Toon Resistance, things have felt awfully quiet around, have they not? My memory is even a bit fuzzy of the last time we talked. BUT T-THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! A-ahem... Sorry. This is serious. I have been taking charge of watching over Mac's little gadgets and trinkets while he takes his mandatory at-least-3-hours sleep breaks, and I caught something c-craaaazy!!

I saw it in one of Mac's cameras! A sudden influx of those darn Boardbots all around Toontown Central! Con Artists, Swindlers, you name it! And I decided t-to go investigate, because... Uh... It felt important? You understand! I watched the conglomerate of Cogs from afar, trying to understand what had got so many of them so r-rattled, until I noticed that one of them had let a paper fall to the ground... And wouldn't y-you believe it! I managed to get it! Now... Read this:



Isn't t-that crazy?! The big guys over there must be real mad! But don't think this means good things f-for us! If I know a thing or two about Cogs, it's that they HATE losing! Especially losing their jobs! I'm certain that all these Boardbots will try to storm our town even harder than before to prove their worth to the bosses! S-so what I'm trying to say is... We have to fight back!!! Toons of Toontown, it's time to get our Gags stocked up, because we have a lot of Boardbots to destroy!

O-Oh, and I was almost forgetting... We should keep our eyes on that... Employee Portal stuff we investigated in the past! There is always good information in there! That's all from me, guys! Let's put a stop to this as fast as possible!


Notes from the Corporate Clash Crew

Hello, Toons of the world! Sounds like big changes are happening at C.O.G.S. Inc., huh? You know what that means... It's time to fight back!

The Boardbots, in a desperate attempt to prove their worth to the Chairman and retain their jobs, are working overtime! Lasting the duration of this event, you'll notice an increase in Boardbot activity all throughout Toontown: Boardbots will join in on department boss battles, be present in other departments' buildings, and have an increased chance of both causing Boardbot invasions and Boardbot department invasions. The Toon Resistance needs you to defeat as many Boardbots as possible, in order to gather more data. Defeat enough of them, and we might just get some info from the defeated Boardbots! Use the /milestone progress  command to track our progress!

To keep the experience fun for everybody, we have a few things for you to keep in mind:

  • This mystery is entirely online, with no real-life components (such as phone lines or physical locations). Any resemblances to real-life locations or information are purely coincidental.
  • All information related to the mystery is available on the website, within Corporate Clash, or in otherwise publicly available / standardized, well-known locations.
  • The mystery does not require you to enter personal details, such as your Corporate Clash account username, email or password.
  • Play fair - Do not attempt to brute-force crack the passwords via automated means or otherwise abuse the website.
  • Our standard Terms of Services and Privacy Policy apply.

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and Discord server to stay updated on your progress and learn about the changes happening at C.O.G.S. Inc.. Let's get to work, Toons!

Updates from Winn Dos

Update 1


G-Great work defeating those Boardbots, everyone! According to the Toon Resistance, one of them dropped a letter... We must keep i-investigating! -Winn Dos

Attention Boardbots,

Shortly following our recent notices of termination, I was approached by a most perplexing individual. They claimed to have extensive information on the happenings at C.O.G.S. Inc., and offered to share it for a mere bottle of carbonated oil. I, of course, thought this preposterous, but entertained the idea regardless. Lo and behold, they were speaking the truth.

They gave me the login credentials of one of the upcoming Boardbot hires! Their username is bagholder and their password is _gimmiex2_. Using this information as a launch pad, it is possible we will not only uncover the logic behind our termination, but find sufficient information, (or as one might call it, "dirt,") to convince the higher-ups to refrain from hiring these entities, thus leading to us retaining our positions.

My source (who will remain anonymous, as their identity is unknown, even to me) may approach you all individually with promises of new information. Comply with their demands, and they have promised to tell us what they know.

Lastly, while this should go without saying, our operations must be kept secret; The informant has stressed this fact. Let us work in silence as to avoid raising suspicion from the higher-ups.

Sincerely, Big Fish

Update 2


Whew, you guys are doing good! We're getting through these Boardbots like c-crazy! And looks like we found another letter! -Winn Dos

To all Boardbots,

As per our last letter received, I have also gotten into contact with the anonymous individual aiming to assist our pursuit for our jobs. She has simply asked for a cup of Cogfee and in return has given me the credentials of yet another of these new hires. The information is included below. Please do continue the investigation efforts.

USERNAME: circuitbreaker


Sincerely, Toxic Manager

Update 3


Good job, g-guys! This is the most intense Cog-Fighting I've ever seen! Keep it up! And o-oh! Another letter came... -Winn Dos

Fellow Boardbots,

It appears that our mysterious informant has returned, and has more important information regarding our case of new hires... I have supplied him with a plate of Crude Oil Cookies, which seems to have been enough to earn us more credentials to investigate. Please do as such. The login is as follows:

USERNAME: deadlock


P.S: Our anonymous source has asked us to maintain the information given by him in a tight lock... As to not alert the bosses.

Sincerely, Middleman

Update 4


Woo! You guys are doing so g-good! Keep up the good work! And we've found another letter! -Winn Dos

Fellow Boardbots,

Our anonymous informant has given me more information in return for a free box of notepads. They have provided us all with another set of credentials to look into, which are as follows:

Username: paperhands

Password: EIgHTpoInTFIvEbyELEvEn

Sincerely, Middleman

Update 5


V-very nice progress, Toons! We've gotten a lot of these guys out of the way already, and a letter has been found! -Winn Dos

To all Boardbot colleagues,

The mysterious source has returned with another request in exchange for credentials, and after being given a set of brand new pens, has handed us more information on the potential new hires. Please keep investigating.

USERNAME: sharkwatcher

PASSWORD: /IgotMy_eyes_Onyou\

Sincerely, Swindler

Update 6


I can feel t-that we're getting close, guys! We're doing great, keep it up! And we've also gotten another letter! This is getting serious! -Winn Dos

To all Boardbots,

It appears some of our colleagues are working behind our backs. I have been told by our anonymous source that the Chairman has chosen to maintain the contracts of two of our fellow Boardbots (both of which have chosen to leave us in the dark), and thus have been cut from further contact in these letters. I have received one of their login credentials, which you will find at the bottom of this letter. Do not discuss this matter with the ones who are maintaining their contracts, or we shall cut ties with YOU as well.

USERNAME: magnate

PASSWORD: 81rd3_0f_a_f3aTh3r

Sincerely, Toxic Manager

Update 7


Final stretch, everyone! I'm sure of it! Let's keep fighting, and show those Boardbots who's boss! O-oh and I almost forgot, another letter! -Winn Dos

Fellow Boardbots,

It appears that the mysterious individual was correct, and we have been given the credentials of yet another one of our colleagues that has chosen to not inform us all that they are keeping their jobs. The situation is dire, and we must keep investigating.

The username is headhoncho and the password is H3adOFF@th3_pA33

Sincerely, Con Artist

Update 8


W-woah! I think we've really gotten them good now, everyone! It seems like the B-Boardbots are fleeing in a rapid pace! And we have yet another letter... This is interesting. -Winn Dos
(Stay TOONed to our Social Media to know first-hand what the Chairman is plotting next...)

Fellow Boardbots,

It is with utmost sadness that I must inform you all that you've been tricked. Your efforts to maintain your jobs have led you to resort to desperate measures, but such measures will soon prove to have been worthless.

You may all know me by titles such as "Anonymous Individual", "Mysterious Informant", and such others, but I prefer the term "Insider" to refer to myself. I am one of the latest hires of the Boardbot department for C.O.G.S. Inc, and you've given me all the information I need to ensure your positions will not be maintained.

Breaking into the accounts of new hires of the company is considered a violation of conduct, and you are all guilty of such. I will notify the Chairman of your misdoings should you persist in your futile attempts to maintain your jobs, so think twice before trying to push back. What's more, remember that should you expose my leaking in an attempt to have me fired, your own prying into company accounts will soon become apparent. I would think twice before taking any drastic actions if I were you, as the Chairman would never believe such claims from low-performing, soon-to-be-fired employees.

Please do ensure the door won't hit you on the way out.

P.S: If you're curious about me, keep doing what you're doing. You'll be losing your jobs anyway.

P.P.S.: Thank you for your generous donations. The Crude Oil Cookies, in particular, were fantastic.



Sincerely, Insider

Update 9


H-HUGE UPDATE, TOONS! I just intercepted a new memo; it l-looks like the Cogs are planning something big! Stay alert, I'll k-keep my eyes out in the meantime. -Winn Dos

(What *could* they be planning? Keep an eye out in the game in the next few days!)

To my fellow Boardbots:

It is with great sadness that I learn of your approaching departure. In spite of the Head Honcho and myself remaining employed, the eight of us have built a bond over the years that I feel cannot be broken, even by this layoff. As a gesture of good faith, the two of us have decided that we will help you with one last sprint to the finish line. Even if your hard work and dedication is not observed by Mr. Cyger, I hope this will at least provide you with material to share in future interviews.

You have worth beyond your employment; let's prove that together for what I hope will not be the last time. Contact me for further details on the current plan and/or requests for precautionary letters of recommendation.

Best regards,

The Magnate

P.S. Try not to get into trouble in the meantime; it would take an excessive amount of work to save you if we reach that point. I'd still help you, but I'd expect to be repaid with a good few shiny objects.