Halloween is here!

Posted on by The Team

Toons of the world! Flippy here with some breaking news! As some of you may have noticed, Halloween's arrived in Toontown! 

 Each and every year, we witness Halloween take over Toontown. Turning the skies grey and bringing in wave after wave of dangerous cog activity.

 Be wary, toons. This year is no different! Skelecogs are flooding the streets, and there's been the word of a rather significant outbreak located solely on Silly Street! I trust that all of you will do your duty to keep our town safe, but be careful out there! There's also been a series of unexpected events occurring lately that I've been having to deal with personally.

 A witch by the name of Elphabat has been casting spells. This has led to having certain items litter our ponds, fall into the hands of certain cogs, and even causing certain toons' heads to POOF into a pumpkin when they visit some specific areas!

 Not to worry though. After the series of hijinks, we managed to lock her away in Ye Olde Toontowne's dungeon.

 Littering the streets with copies of her evil plans, she claimed that she has prizes in return for finding certain items. But we highly recommend being careful! She even keeps insisting that more of these "prizes" are coming soon...

 For the safety of all toons everywhere, we've obtained a copy of these evil plans. Attached here. Be careful with what you do with this knowledge!

Lastly, we've been doing our best to research into why these Halloween hijinks happen, but some of our finest have gone missing amidst the commotion. If you want to help me, just visit me right away in the Toon Hall! Good luck out there, and have a safe Halloween!

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