The Friendliest Update

Posted on by The Team

Welcome, friends! As the holidays grow nearer and nearer, there’s one thing many toons are grateful for - their friends! 
And what better a way to celebrate friends than coming together and releasing an entire update focused on that very subject!
Think about all the time you’ve spent with your friends while here in Toontown. You may have helped them train hard with “ze vun and only Franz Neckvein,” graciously let them use all their cupcakes on the last floor of a building, or perhaps even joined them in knocking the nasty Vice President off of Sellbot Towers!
There is one constant you may have noticed in your time here in Toontown - The Toon Profile Panel, otherwise known as the T.P.P! In fact, you may have even not noticed it, as it is something so versatile and useful in its design, it just blends right in!. Whispering, teleporting, gag checking, it contains the toontastic necessities! It’s nothing but the most essential and versatile tool in all of the Tooniverse to help you and your friends work as a flawless team.
And now, you’ll be excited to find the next step in this T.P.P. technology has arrived! Our finest here at Toontown: Corporate Clash have whipped up something so sleek, usable, and feature-packed, that you and your friends will be a better working team than whipped cream and pie crust!
From all-new customization to the added ability to see your friend’s Toontasks, Cog disguises, gags, and precise location info, this new and improved T.P.P. has it all! But most importantly, each T.P.P. can be customized however YOU decide you want it to be, make it your own! There is a wide variety of backgrounds, name panels, and poses for your Toon to use that can make your T.P.P truly one of a kind!
And if that’s not enough, our finest have gone above and beyond and introduced searching to the friends panel. No more scrolling to find your friends!
Now if this hasn’t been just about the friendliest update that’s ever been released, I don’t know what is!
So what are you waiting for? Get into the action! Join your friends, or make a bunch of new ones, and experience the joy of sharing what Toontown has to offer, all while showing off your personal style with your very own, new and improved, T.P.P.!

And of course, we’ve added a countless number of other changes in this update. Make sure to read the release notes here.