Baked To Perfection!

Posted on June 08, 2019 by The Team

DING!! Another freshly baked pie…. 
 Bonjour, fellow Toons! Baker Bridget here! Fresh out of the oven, we’ve got news for you! The folks over on the Corporate Clash Crew have been playing a bit of The Catching Game to quite literally catch all of the feedback that’s been sent our way! From what I’ve been told, they would like to thank you for your continued patience and rest assured every pie baked with advice has flown through the air and into the gloves of a Corporate Clash Crew Member! They’ve baked this update just for you with all the  extra love they could find, and now it is ready to be served! 
  Speaking of pies, The Gag Shops have stepped up their high-flying gag administration skills by allowing Toons to put in their order ahead of time and pick it up with just one click on the go! 10 fruit pies, 10 seltzers and 5 anvils? ORDER UP! It’s done! 
     Can't seem to get that drop past anvil? Wish you could blow up all your frustration with a TNT? Well now you can! Introducing Refund Points! Refund Points allow Toons to return a gag track for 2 Training Points. However, choose wisely, as returning a track resets all the experience you have earned in it! If you’d like a refund point and have reached at least Drowsy Dreamland in the Taskline, you can obtain a brand new sidequest and snag yourself some! Don't forget to remove any prestiges you may have before you can return those pesky anvils to Barnacle Bessie! 
     The team has also been hard at work training with Coach Z to squash all those stretched out zap bugs that have been crawling in the kitchen! We have pulled out the bug spray on lots of other bugs too which you can read more about in our patch notes! 
     Additionally, the District Page has gotten a bit of a shine to it, a true cherry on top! You will now be prompted before teleporting to a District when clicked on, and you can now see how long current Cog Invasions will last! You’ll know how much time you have to squash those pesky Cogs from our beloved town, just like the bugs the staff has done the same to! 
     Lost any clothes or items during a sidequest that you rightfully earned? Now you will be able to retrieve them through a code, so you will always be able to look your very best! 
     WOO! I’m out of breath, Toons! That was quite the workout, and I’m still tired from all that bug -squashing cardio! I should consider getting into shape at the Mussel Beach Gymnasium instead. 
But that’s not all! The folks over at Corporate Clash are continuing to keep the game in its very best shape! Stay TOONed in days to follow for more information on the long awaited, and truly not all that far away now v1.1.0 update! 
Until next time! Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for another slice of pie!