Fighting Fire With Fire

Posted on March 23, 2020 by The Toon Resistance

Salutations Toons, Rocky here. 

The time has finally come where we commence Phase 3 of Operation: Break the Law! We are going to need your help more than ever this phase, Toons! But don’t think we will just be sitting around in the Outpost! Vinny, have the cannons been programmed yet?

Locked and loaded, boss.

Toontastic! There is only one way we are going to put a stop to these pesky Lawbots and that is for us to roll up our sleeves and take to the courtroom skies! I sure do hope the Stand-In likes surprises, because he will never see the sneaky new plan we have in store for him. He can say farewell to that Lawbot jury! 

Webster, Doe, how have the prize packs been coming along? 

Well, Webster and I have been painting and drawing away, but I’m starting to run out of construction paper. Luckily, Toontorial Tom found some extra pieces lying around and I was able to make raffle tickets out of them! He volunteered to help collect tickets! 

Toons can purchase tickets from Ticket Tom in the Resistance Outpost with extra Dockets and redeem them for a chance to snag a prize pack but tickets get more expensive with each purchase. Webster needs all the Dockets he can get to decipher! Summon boosters are also available in The Docket Shop! Use one at the end of each Stand-In battle to get double summons!

Awesome work Doe! Word has it that a Legal Eagle threw a bolt into the Daily Tasks system causing Toons to lose their streak progress after missing just one day! Luckily, I was able to get Builder Bob to stop on by the Outpost and fix it! 

Now, Toons no longer lose their streak for their Daily Tasks. If a Toon does not like their weekly reward, they can try their luck on getting a new one for a very low cost of 5,000 jellybeans. 

Speaking of jellybeans, sadly there’s no more Catalog Clearance either, but Toons can now earn a token that grants a 25% increase in Jellybean earnings as well as one that grants a 25% increase to Cog Department Experience by completing daily tasks! Reid, how have the sales from your Gag Stand been lately? Did you get any more jellybeans? Save me the red ones! You know how I love cherry!

No can do sir, sadly not many customers have been buying my Gags.

What? Why not? I heard you have the best prices in Town! 

I sure thought so too, but it seems that Toons’ jellybean jars beg to differ. So I guess I should switch the currency to Dockets. I have all these extra Cream Pies and I don’t know what to do with them! 

Don’t worry Reid, if there’s one thing I know that everyone likes, it’s a good discount! Toons haven’t really been leveling barrels lately, so I’ll just create a Throwables shop instead! 

TOONTASTIC idea, Rocky! I think I’ll add a discount to my shop as well, maybe that’ll help get rid of some spare seltzer bottles! One Docket per gag and an even better discount for those who purchase Gag Presets! 

Sounds great Reid! Alright troops, it’s time we get a move on! 

Until next time,
The Toon Resistance

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