Turnkey and The Traveling Turkeys

Posted on by Turnkey

 Hey, where’s the green beans? What do you mean you dropped them in the pond? How am I supposed to make the green bean casserole without green beans? Go fish them out, gotta be quick!
 Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. The name is Turnkey. I come from the city of Gobbleburg. Pleased to meet you. I was reading News for The Amused and pie am so happy to hear that you celebrate Thanksgiving here! Back in Gobbleburg, we don’t even dress up for Thanksgiving. I know, I pe-can’t believe it either! They are such turkeys! 

Anyways, enough of the corny jokes! We have a feast to prepare! Say, why don’t you be a sweet potato and bring me some of the food on the list? If you help me, I’ll stuff in some accessories that the locals in Gobbleburg refused to wear. We have to hurry, don’t want to be late for dinner! 

Toontastic, I’m so excited! I will not brocol-lie this is going to be the baste Thanksgiving ever!

Thanksgiving has returned to Toontown: Corporate Clash for a limited time! 
Gobble up lots of food, create Turkey Toons, and complete all-new Toontasks for exclusive new rewards! Ends November 30th at 12:00 AM Eastern.

You can read the latest patch notes HERE