New Adventures Await In The v1.2.5 Update!

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*As the skies turn gray, and courage turns to fright
In a town far away, the clock strikes midnight
The chill of the wind can mean only one thing
The spirits of Halloween have corrupted within!*
-Webster's Diary

*Halloween events have returned to Corporate Clash, and with it, a whole host of permanent additions too! We have so many toons from all over town just itching to tell you all about them!!*


Another year has been and gone! I, Elphabat, have been eagerly awaiting a return to your town! Now that the conditions are of optimal spookiness - Here I am! - Bringing a whole tomb-full of ghoulish new additions! Be sure to stop by The Brrrgh and say 'Hi.' I'd love to trade your spooky materials for clothing items and much more! You might even find my sister, Hexadecimal, lurking in the shadows too - she might have some offers of her own! See you there!

*Ooh! Ooh! Me next, me next! I have things to say, I have things to say!!!*

Save it for later, Flippy! There's bigger things at stake! Resistance Ranger Rocky here, and we have a job to do! Listen up toons, for all the fun you may wish to have, trick-or-treating and whatnot, make no mistake - Halloween is historically a dangerous time in this town! A certain vampiric Cog seems to come out of hiding when the skies go dark, and he must be kept at bay! He seems to have learned from past defeats, and is now more evasive than ever. Gags at the ready toons - Let's knock him down for the 'Count!'

*Is it me now? Is it? Is it?*


*SCREEECH* Beep Beep! Watch where you're going Flippy, I'm on a winning streak! Phil Errup here, and boy do I got some news for you's! Ain't racing just the best? The wind in your ears, the adrenaline as you fight for first place - I love it! But that's not to say we can't make it even better. Well, actually that's exactly what we've done! I want to share my love of racing as far as possible, so rack up some jellybeans, buckle your seatbelts, gather 7 of your most driving-savvy friends and take your kart for a spin in all-new, 8-PLAYER races! Not only that, but the power-ups have been expanded too! Watch out for those TNTs and Cog Teeth; they pack quite the punch! In our new and improved raceway, you'll be able to control your kart better than ever, rack up rewards in a much more balanced manner, and rise to the podium having collected all 30 racing trophies! So take some time off from battling Count Erclaim and relax with a much improved racing experience!

*Finally! Okay where do I begin? Flippy here everyo--*


YOU GUYS LOVE OUTFITS RIGHT? GOSH I DO! I LOVE DRESSING UP AND REALLY GETTING INTO THE HALLOWEEN SPIRIT! HEY EVERYONE, TAILOR TAMMY HERE OF COURSE! NOW LET ME TELL Y-- HUH? OH I'M SHOUTING? RIGHT, LET ME JUST SWITCH OFF MY SEWING MACHINE ... Is that better? Sweet! So I've been working on all sorts of skirts and shorts to sell at my clothing store, imagining how amazing I'd look in all of them! Why wear *only* shorts or *only* skirts, when you can have the best of both worlds! All clothing in Corporate Clash is no longer gender-specific! I, for one, am sooo excited to mix and match all the new outfits I pick up over the Halloween season and become a true fashionista! And there's no better time for it - this is the first time in months that I've switched my sewing machine off! I've tailored so many new clothes that you might even need a brand new wardrobe page in your Shticker books to fit all your clothes in!

*...Is it safe to talk now? Do I have the floor? ... Nobody else is going to interrupt me now right? ... Because if I start talking and get immediately interrupted AGAIN I'm going to start throwing pies!! ... No? ... Alright. Hey everyon--*


ATTENTION! It's been a while toons, Lord Lowden Clear's the name, battle strategy's the game. Excuse me for one moment while I wipe all these cream pie splodges away... Okay! Let's talk bosses. Top of the corporate ladder, the CEO. It's fair to say his banquet has had some faulty wiring for a while. I suppose that's what you get when the Cashbots are as stingy as always with their corporate loans! Unfortunately, it's usually us toons who pay the price for the boss' technical issues... but it seems they've finally put in the renovations to make the place much smoother! There are far too many improvements for me to list here, but now is the time to strike toons! We can use this to our advantage and string together successful victories against the pesky CEO much more consistently now! Toons of the world, UNITE!


*ENOUGH!* For the next 10 minutes - only toons who are bright blue dogs with an orange shirt with a red stripe, and whose name is Flippy are allowed to speak! IT IS A MAYORAL DECREE! Hello toons of the world! It is I, Flippy, Mayor of Toontown! Let's get right into it - I'm a dog who *loves* leisure! Especially in times like these, with the dangerous Count Erclaim on the loose! I think it's important for toons to have some time to themselves and over the past few months I've been pondering over how we can improve our leisure activities! I dare say we've done it! Let's begin in Acorn Acres Minigames - you may have noticed Builder Bob has been hard at work constructing some picnic tables where you can sit down for some games with up to 5 friends! Enjoy classics such as Chess, Checkers and everyone's favourite - TOONO! We have also added some Speedchat phrases to aid with communication during these games; very important phrases such as "How does the horsey move again?" But the fun doesn't stop there! The trolley is such a longstanding and iconic part of our vibrant town, so it's about time Builder Bob gave it some TLC! A whole typhoon of improvements have been made to existing trolley games! Including more ways to earn jellybeans, various rebalances, as well as extensions and single-player variants of previously multiplayer-only minigames! I'll certainly be riding that trolley every chance I get!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg folks! You can take a look at our toony reports HERE, as there have been so many more new additions, but if we carry on like this, I don’t think we’ll ever stop talking!

Now go out there and get your spook on! Happy Halloween, Corporate Clash!

Trick or Treat! Can YOU track down the riddles?

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