We Wish You A Merry Toonsmas!

Posted on by Saint Bernard

It’s that holly jolly time of year again, Toons! While Santa Paws has been busy wrapping presents (and desperately trying to get the elves off the Toono! table and back to work), we’ve been preparing Toonseltown for yet another year of visitors. Grab your mittens and get ready, because from December 18th to January 9th, Toons will be able to explore Toonseltown! Our residents will once again need help getting ready for the festivities, and of course the Cogs won’t take a liking to the uptick in silliness, so we’re counting on you to help defend Toonseltown’s presents.

I hear the shopkeepers have come up with a brand new set of carols to complete around Toontown. Decipher the riddles and carol at the correct shops to spread some Toonsmas cheer for some Jellybeans and a snowman head!

From handling the Overclocked C.L.O, to expanding the fun around town with social activities such as Toono! or racing reworks; along with providing even more ways for Toontown’s residents to express themselves, it isn’t hard to see just how much your town has grown in the past year! As the season comes to a close, remember to enjoy those and the community around you despite what holiday you celebrate, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself with a little hot chocolate. 

To all a merry Toonsmas and a happy Toon year; we look forward to seeing you in Toonseltown!

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