Beta v1.2.6


  • Toontown has gotten a holiday makeover for the Toonsmas season!
    • Barnacle Boatyard has frozen over again, and somebody is very cold.
    • The Estate has been given a polish and a "cool" holiday makeover.
    • Frozen fish can be caught in any pond due to the colder weather!
  • Caroling is back! Check out the hints here.


  • Toonseltown is now reopened for the Toonsmas season, and will stay open through January 9th, 2022!
    • It's true! Toonseltown is now available for an additional week.
    • Toons can teleport to Toonseltown through the ‘Toonseltown’ button on the Map page of the Shticker Book!
  • Help Toonseltown's citizens with daily ToonTasks for various rewards!
    • Candie LaBrum, The Spirit of Toonsmas Past, has returned to Toonseltown, and she needs some help!
      • Perhaps the other spirits will make a timely appearance throughout the holiday?
  • Toonseltown's 'Present Thief' minigame will run every 20 minutes on the clock, earn enough points to earn a large assortment of customization prizes!
    • The number of rewards earned will scale with both your personal score and the team's score, work together to earn the most prizes!
    • Rewards are now shown on the gathering UI.


  • The gathering UI for jellybeans has been expanded to include materials from all parts of the game!
    • This is referring to the popups on the left side of the screen, introduced during this year's Halloween event.
    • Resource icons can be hovered over for more information.
    • Resources can be clicked on to dismiss.
    • The following items will now be displayed on the left side of the screen upon being obtained:
      • All clothing, including task rewards and Present Thief
      • All accessories, including task rewards and Present Thief
      • Jellybeans from task rewards
      • Nameplates
      • Profile backgrounds
      • Profile poses
      • Toon Cheesy Effects
      • Nametag styles
      • SOS cards
      • Unites
      • Cease and Desists
      • Pink Slips
      • Cog Summons
      • Teleport access, both for playgrounds and HQs


  • The algorithm for placing Toons on each side of a battle round in a Cog Battle has been improved.
    • If your group has a similar enough Toon level, Toons will be more likely to fight alongside their friends!
    • Otherwise, the group will be weighted such that each side has roughly the same average level.


  • Toon NPC interiors now have unique wallpapers, floors, and wainscotting variations throughout the game.
  • Some Ye Olde Toontowne shopkeepers may have a different Toon Interior due to a change in how their interiors were generated.
  • The Match NPC Trolley game now only chooses from a small selection of NPCs.
  • Based on community submissions from November's Discord contest, we have added over 25 new SpeedChat phrases available to purchase!
  • The "Battle" SpeedChat category has been reorganized, and now contains more phrases to say during a Cog battle.
    • In line with the changes made to the category, the "I think you should pass." purchasable SpeedChat phrase has been replaced with "I'll pass.".
  • The Bowling Ball in racing now has a unique sound for when it vanishes.
  • Made adjustments to server configurations in order to reduce latency.
  • Pig Toon heads have had their placements adjusted.
    • Neck, that is all.
  • Disabled the Count Erclaim leaderboard. He lives on to haunt us even after Halloween...
  • Various asset optimizations & cleanup.


  • Fixed certain issues regarding festive lighting applying in areas meant to lack festivity.
  • Fixed an issue where the Factory Foreman's cheat was failing to activate.
  • Fixed an issue where the YOTT ambience would persist upon logging out.
  • Fixed issues regarding gaining merits without suit parts or with an Executive Suit.
  • Fixed a couple of typos with Cog names.
  • Fixed an oversight regarding timing out of the rebind menu.
  • Fixed several issues regarding music.
  • Fixed a graphical bug related to lights flickering in Cog building elevators.
  • Various backend improvements.

Beta 1.2.6 (Hotfix 18th December, 2021)


  • Reverted the adjustments made to server configurations for latency reduction due to district resets caused by it.
  • Fixed an issue where Toons would be improperly split in bosses in groups of four or less Toons.
  • Fixed an issue where remapping to certain keys would crash the game.
  • Fixed an edge-case with caroling where Toons that have previously done caroling would receive the snowman head after one carol.