Freshly-Minted Tunes

Posted on by C.O.G.S., Incorporated

A Memo From C.O.G.S., Inc.

  • Attention office-based employees under the Cashbot department,

    Under precedence from the actions of affiliated departments under the Coal, Oil, and Gas Syndicate, we have allotted a portion of the budget to be utilized in the coining of new compositions, designated to be issued for the office buildings of the Cashbot department. These actions allowed us to note them as a business expense, and will be accepted as a write-off during the annual tax report of C.O.G.S, Inc.

    These songs were produced with repurposed machinery from the Bullion section of Cashbot headquarters, to allow for cost efficiency in addition to the new music being in a “mint” condition. In recompense for the damaged equipment as well as for the charity of providing new music to office workers, all Cashbots ranked below a Money Bags will be subject to a permanent 17% pay cut.

Wanna listen to the mint tunes of the Cashbot offices? Check out the soundtrack on our Youtube Channel HERE

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